boyed Michigan bow installation of windows .jpg
boyed Michigan bow installation of windows .jpg


Reyes Exteriors are window contractors who install or replace windows for homes. The window installation is a process that begins with an on-site consultation in order to assess the window needs of the home owner. Once Reyes Exteriors understands the specific window needs, they will provide a quote for the installation services. After the homeowner accepts the quote, Reyes Exteriors will schedule a time to complete the installation. 

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The window installation process typically takes one to two days to complete. During this time, Reyes Exteriors will remove the old windows, install the new windows, and caulking and weatherproofing around the perimeter of the window. After the window installation is complete, Reyes Exteriors  will clean up any debris and walk through the job with you to ensure they are satisfied with the work.


Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to get an estimate.