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Storm damage & Insurance claims

Reyes Roofing, Builders & Exteriors offers the ability to work with all insurance companies in the event of storm damages that your home can suffer. Some storm types that can lead to injuries may result from hail, high winds, heavy rain, and ice damming.

We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with insurance claims alone; therefore, our salespeople are fully trained to help assist with your claim process from beginning to end. We will make this process as hassle-free as possible for you.

If you believe your home has suffered damage from a recent storm, please contact us as soon as possible for a Free Storm Inspection

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Storm Damage & Insurance

Reyes Roofing, Builders & Exteriors

Assessing Roof Damage After a Storm

The first step in any roof replacement project is understanding the extent of wind and hail damage. This assessment needs to be conducted by a roofing expert looking beyond cosmetic damage to discover hidden issues. Many homeowners, and some contractors, overlook these issues leading to smaller insurance payouts and lingering problems that will only worsen with time.

Michigan has four seasons with wild weather that comes with out warning. Theses storms can take a tremendous toll on your home, garage, pole barn, and other structures.

High winds blow shingles away, exposing your roof's fragile base layer. Hail punches holes in your home's protective layer and siding.  When this damage happens contact Reyes Roofing, Building & Exteriors as we will handle your estimate, claim and will take quick action to protect your investment.

Do you need something repaired? Did a Michigan Storm Strike?

Maybe your roof is getting older but still has life left? Call Reyes Roofing, Building & Exteriors. We specialize in repairing roof leaks PERMANENTLY. We are the problem solvers!

We can also fix | replace broken gutter, downspout, or skylight. If it's broken; you can trust us to fix it. Call us today for a free estimate within 48 hours. Open 7 Days a Week!

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